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Name: James Haney
Age: 75
Gender: Male
Relation: Taken
Website: www.drjameshaney.com
Hometown: Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Current Zip: 37121
Occupation: College Professor
Companies: Tennessee State University, Comments With Dr. James Haney Presents*
Schools: Kent State University, Ohio University, AM&N College
Favorite Books: This is drjhaney. It is with deep sadness that I must announce the death of my friend, Dr. Leonard Madu. Dr. Madu died today, January 2, 2014 in Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. He will be missed by many. He was a man that had a passion for Africa, and made a real contribution to all of my television channels, dealing with the African experience in Africa and around the World. Arrangements for his burial are still in the process. I want to give you a name and number so that you can help spread the word of Dr. Madu's death to all of your friends and relatives. The contact person for all of the events dealing with Dr. Madu death is his close friend, Reginald Pierre, Executive Director of the African American Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The phone number is 615 5960609, the email address is rgnldpierre@yahoo,com. Use these numbers to find out additional facts concerning Dr. Madu's death. I will miss him dearly. He made a great contribution to my television show, Comments With Dr.James Haney Presents* that is aired on three stations in Nashville, WNAB, Channel 58, WUXP, Channel 20, and WZTV, Channel 17, All of his shows are also on the web site, www.drjameshaney.com and can be seen on many of the social media sites, including www.youtube.com, www.facebook.com, www.twitter.com, and www.drmdk.com, to mention only a few of the places Dr. Madu appeard as a result of his contributions to these channels and shows. His users name is drlmadu fo those who would like to know more about this great man.I want you to use this letter and spread it as far and wide as you can among your friends and relatives. I am going to use it as my discussion letter on all of my post to the social media channels above. I will talk with you later. You should find out more about the funeral arrangements, drjhaney /n

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I am a professor of United States History @ Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee,I am also the host of a television show called Comments With Dr. James Haney, that is seen on WUXP, Channel 30 (UPN), WNAB, Channel 58 and WZTV, Channel 17, Nashville, Tennessee, The uploaded videos are all from my television show which I have hosted since 1984, I need your support to continue this site. Send me a donation at www.drjameshaney.com or mail me at James Haney, P.O. Box 591, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, 37121-0591. I appreciate any help you can give,drjhaney