Afghanistan and Pakistan, AArain and JHussain1

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Afghanistan and Pakistan, AArain and JHussain1
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Posted By: drjhaney (520 days ago)

Facts of my death. This is drjhaney. I hope you noticed the title of
this message. It is one that I have been working on over the last
couple of days in an effort to tell you about my death of a heart
attack on January 15, 2013, in the examination of the admission room
at Summit Hospital in Hermitage, Tennessee, in the emergency room. It
was on this date that I took my wife and granddaughter, Alana to have
a muscle strain examined that my wife had been struggling with over
the last couple of weeks. While she was being examined in the
admission room, I took a seat at the end of her bed, and laid back to
rest my eyes, and had a heart attack, witnessed by my wife,
granddaughter and medical personell from the emergency room. During
the course of this excitment, i was dead for approxiomately 8-10
minutes, having lost my counsciousness, my pulse and my heart beat.
After vigerous efforts on the part of the medical staff, the wailing
and pleading of my wife and grand daughter for my life (joined by all
of the other medical personall who had gathered in the hallway because
of all of the noise and crying, I regained my counsciousness, pulse
and heart beat and came back to life. In short, I died for
approximately 8-10 minutes, and came back to life. This is the essence
of the story that can be easily varified. I want you to know about
this story because much information has bee posted on the various
social media websites about my sickness and death. I am still alive. I
am still uploading videos to the social media sites and this message
will be apart of those uploads in the future. My address is I want you to go
there and click on the videos link and go to my channels on,,,,, and I will talk with you later; have
to get ready for church now, drjhaney

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Comments With Dr. James Haney Presents*Afghanistan and Pakistan, with AArain, Director of Outreach for the Islamic Center, Nashville Tennessee, and JHussain, author of The Peoples of Pakistan, talks about Afghanistan and Pakistan, the history of conflict in the region, the policy of the United States, and some of the challenges and successes facing the United States, Part 1, I need you to subscribe to and support this channel. Send me a donation at or mail me at James Haney, P.O. Box 591, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, 37121-0591. I appreciate any help you can give,drjhaney

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