Narco States in West Africa, Dr. LMadu4

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Narco States in West Africa, Dr. LMadu4
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Added: 21-12-2010
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Comments With Dr. James Haney Presents*Narco States in West Africa, with Dr. LMadu, Part 4. It is stated that there is so much cocaine floating off the coast of Guinea Bissau, that ignorant fishermen assume that it is powder and rub it on their faces. In Guinea(Conakry), unemployment stands at 60%, despite having the largest bauxite deposits in the world, as well as gold and other minerals. Guinean trade union leader, Rabiatou Serah states that in the neighborhood where he lives in the capital,there has been no running water in five years despite the abundance of rivers. In Sierra Leone after years of civil war, unemployment stands at about 70%. In Equatorial Guinea run by a rapacious and greedy family clique, unemployment stands at about 60%, despite an abundance of oil. The Annobon island away from the Equatorial Guinean mainland and close to Nigeria, is reputed to be a cocaine paradise. Nigerian drug gangs have always been an energetic presence on the global trafficking scene, but the target of the South American traffickers have been the failed states along the Gold Coast, with Nigerians acting as facilitators..

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