Assassination Malcolm X and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Drs. AAl_Hadid and LBaldwin3

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Assassination Malcolm X and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Drs. AAl_Hadid and LBaldwin3
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Added: 02-04-2011
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Comments With Dr. James Haney Presents*Assassination of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., with Drs. AAl-Hadid and LBaldwin, two authors who talks about the assassination of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr, and the impact these assassinations had upon the civil rights movement and African Americans throughout the world, Part 3. I need you to support and subscribe to this channel. Send me a donation at or mail me a few dollars to james haney, P.O. Box 591, Mt. Juliet, Tn, 37121-0591. I appreciate any help you can give, drjhaney This video has Enhanced Text (et)* William Bradford Huey wrote a book in 1968 called. He killed the Dreamer. "The title of the book was indicative of the conclusion he drew concerning Ray's responsibility for Dr. King's death." Huey argued that Ray killed King to get attention and recognition, observes Dr. Baldwin. Anna Ray does not believe justice is being served in the death of King. Before her recent divorce, Anna Ray was married to James Earl Ray for 15 years. She was a courtroom artist for a CBS affiliate in Knoxville when she met him during the taping of a CBS News documentary. She married Ray because she felt he was innocent and had, been "set up" by conspirators and railroaded" into prison. She later changed her mind after Ray told her he had killed King and threatened to kill her. In discussing the events surrounding King's death, Ray admitted his guilt with the statement: "Yeah, I killed him. But what if I did; I never got a trial," she quotes James Earl Ray. "This was long after we had been married and it was by telephone." She says she met Ray's brother, Jerry Ray, two years after her marriage to James, and had she known Jerry Ray before her marriage "there never would have been a marriage."Jerry Ray lived with J.B. Stoner in Marrietta, Georgia," she explains,and Mr. Stoner ... was arrested for the bombing of a church in the Deep South in which several black children were killed. Jerry Ray made a comment in my home that Adolf Hitler was a great man and more famous than Jesus Christ. He said that the United States of America should do the same thing with the black people that Hitler did with the Jews in Germany." She says James Earl Ray became angry with her when she told him that she did not appreciate Jerry Ray's attitude. "I do know that when I would call Jerry Ray in Marrietta, Georgia, he would answer, 'Raoul,' and that there was a man by the name of John Paul Spiggott, who had mob connections and knew James Earl Ray in the federal pen in Jefferson City, Missouri. He is the man who gave James the information that there was a $50,000 'hit' on the life of Dr. King," contends Anna Ray.

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