Christianity and Islam, Drs. AAl-Hadid and LBaldwin4

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Christianity and Islam, Drs. AAl-Hadid and LBaldwin4
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Comments With Dr. James Haney Presents*Christianity and Islam, With Drs. AAl-Hadid and LBaldwin, two scholars who talks about the careers or Dr. Martin L. King, Jr, and Malcolm X, Part 4 I need you to support and subscribe to this channel. Send me a donation at or mail me a few dollars to james haney,P.O. Box 591, Mt. Juliet, Tn, 37121-0591. I appreciate any help you can give, drjhaney This video is Extended Text (et) She says James Earl Ray became angry with her when she told him that she did not appreciate Jerry Ray's attitude. "I do know that when I would call Jerry Ray in Marrietta, Georgia, he would answer, 'Raoul,' and that there was a man by the name of John Paul Spiggott, who had mob connections and knew James Earl Ray in the federal pen in Jefferson City, Missouri. He is the man who gave James the information that there was a $50,000 'hit' on the life of Dr. King," contends Anna Ray. Anna Ray is not certain who was to pay the $50,000, but the assassination committee that investigated King's death identified a "group of Nashville based businessmen, and Mr. Southerland was one of those businessmen," she says "He is now deceased. During my marriage to James Earl Ray I have had people tell me in private - these are nice people, upstanding people, people with power - 'I don't think he should be in prison for killing a nigger, and I don't believe that he should serve a day. I think he should have a million dollars and a ticket to any place in the world he wants to go, and a medal," she reports. Anna Ray believes that Jerry Ray is one of the conspirators and that his flight from the law as a fugitive is financed by James Earl Ray through the sale of his book on the assassination of King. Also, "Jerry Ray has threatened my life and has actually aimed a gun at me. ... He has shot someone since James has been in prison," she claims. "The conspiracy is between James, his brother, his family and hardened criminals," asserts Anna Ray. Shortly after the government initiated the investigation into King's death, "Spiggott was murdered in a car bomb attack," she continues. "James put in his book that Spiggott paid dearly for his greed by his refusal to sell a taped interview between himself- -and federal investigators concerning the assassination of Dr. King." Anna Ray contends that "there was a relationship between Jerry Ray's flight to see Spiggott and his car bomb death in St. Louis at the same time." "I think that the investigation into Dr. King's assassination has somehow been bungled," says Baldwin. "'There are still more questions than there are answers. The investigation was not carried out properly. Ray was not questioned properly in the course of the trial. ... Most scholars I have read argue that the case should be reopened." Part 3

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