3 Common Questions about Concussions

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3 Common Questions about Concussions
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HERE ARE THREE COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT CONCUSSIONS DOCTORS OFTEN HEAR FROM PARENTS. IF MY CHILD GETS A CONCUSSION, SHOULD I GIVE THEM SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN? "The most common symptom reported for concussion is typically headache, and what they say is if you can avoid taking any type of pain reliever, that would obviously be advantageous, because ..We don't want to mask the fact that the headache is getting worse by taking medications." IF YOU DO GIVE THEM A PAIN RELIEVER, DO NOT GIVE THEM ASPIRIN - THAT CAN WORSEN ANY BLEEDING THEY MIGHT HAVE. AND IF THEIR HEADACHE INTENSIFIES, CALL YOUR DOCTOR. PARENTS ALSO ASK - BESIDES HEADACHES AND NAUSEA, WHAT OTHER SYMPTOMS SHOULD I LOOK FOR? "The one thing you'd also worry about is those behavioral changes, especially in adolescents. Those uncharacteristic emotional athletes that have never been emotional before." "Or, they're not texting, that's probably one of the most common ones now is, they stop texting. And, what teen ager stops texting?"

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