'Ouchless' Bandages That Dissolve into Body

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'Ouchless' Bandages That Dissolve into Body
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Added: 10-05-2012
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Transcript by Newsy: http://www.youtube.com/user/NewsyScience?feature=guide (Image Source: Discovery News) BY CARISSA LOETHEN Penn State University food scientists think they may have taken the "ouch" out of removing bandages. GeoBeats explains... "...the research at Penn State indicates that if bandages are created using starch fibers they can simply dissolve into your skin, without having the need to take them off at all." PopSci explains how the researchers create these starch bandages. "Food science researchers dissolved starch into a fluid, then spun it into long strands that can be woven into mats... The fibers could then be woven like any other fiber into a wide range of materials, from bandages to paper." Psych.org details how the bandage dissolves into your body. "Starch is easily biodegradable, so bandages made from it would, over time, be absorbed by the body... Starch bandages would degrade into glucose, a substance the body safely absorbs." A blogger for The PractitioNerd jokes about why that could be a bad thing. "The only possible negative: People might INTENTIONALLY try to get injured just to get bandages that would dissolve into sugar. It's kind of hard to avoid since everyone loves a good sugar high." Besides the possible sugar rush, a couple other benefits of this new process - It's cheap and versatile. Investors.com says the starch fibers could also be used to produce other biodegradable paper-like products too, like napkins, tissues and toilet paper. And as for cost, the lead PSU grad student on the research says... "Starch is the most abundant and also the least expensive of natural polymers." Penn State says the researchers have filed a provisional patent for the work.

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